Enfold necklace + light brown diamond / Pt900

A necklace featuring a 0.1ct brightly sparkling light brown diamond set with prongs at the four compass points. The faintly-colored diamond has a gentle earthy color unique to natural stones, and the color of the Pt900 material complements it elegantly. The back of the pendant has a rough-cut texture that looks as if it has been roughly carved. Each time the diamond necklace moves, it gives off a gorgeous sparkle from around your neck.

material : Pt900 , light brown diamond
diamond : 0.10 ct / 0.14 ct
top size : approx. φ6,9 mm
length : approx. 40cm

*Since this product uses materials with limited availability, orders will be closed when the materials have sold out.*Since this product is a limited quantity product, there may be slight individual differences in shape and color. Please understand that the product you receive may differ from the photo. L-131

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