Existence A ring with a name that suggests presence, life, and living, with the kind of beauty that can be felt in simple, modest, solid things that exist as if in contrast to glittering opulence. With a rounded ring base, the matte finish has a gentle uneven texture that brings to life the hand-crafted feeling. A ring to symbolize the wish that your everyday life be filled with joy and abundance.

ring width : 2,5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm
texture: matte finish

This ring is available in the following materials: Pt900 (platinum), K18YG (yellow gold), K18WG (white gold), or K18PG (pink gold).

*This ring will be made to order after receiving your order (delivery time: about 9 weeks). Please indicate your desired size.
*Handcrafted personalized engravings and birthstone options are available to add to the inside of this ring. Please select from the options. (Please enter up to 15 characters, including the birthstone. Please select from uppercase English letters/numbers/to/&/. Please indicate the position of the birthstone with "●". )
*Price per item

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