Destination +diamond necklace " M "

A necklace from the 2024 Collection "Destination." Three shining surfaces together create a mirror in which a cubic image emerges. A mirror-like finish on the inside in contrast with the matte texture of the outside gives this necklace a nuanced sense of depth. Catching momentary light, the surfaces reflect each other, creating a six-pointed star pattern and emitting a flat, strong glint. The cubic surfaces, at times appearing flat, and three-dimensional at others, create a changeful expression and a rich variety of tiny optical illusions with each movement. The platinum chain has been subtly accented with gold that when placed in the center with the pendant top, overlaps with the cube motif, reminiscent of spreading light. Since the pendant top is not fixed to the gold portion of the chain, the position of the gold can be adjusted from side to side, allowing the wearer to style the necklace with an asymmetrical balance. In addition, the cubic pendant top is designed to tilt from side to side depending on the movement of the body, giving it a changeful expression. A diamond is set as if floating in the center. Filled with light from various angles and reflected in the mirror-like surfaces, the diamond creates an expansion of light and a bold, dazzling presence. This size M necklace showcases the cubic shapes of the design, while the diamond's sparkle also makes this piece an excellent gift.

material : K18YG ( top & chain ) , Pt850 ( chain ) , diamond
stone size : approx. 0.1ct
top size : approx. H7.3mm × W7.8mm
length : approx. 40cm

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