minä perhonen & Ryui "dance" + diamonds

Eternal jewelry series created by minä perhonen and Ryui. For a matching set to share with your loved one, or as a special ring for yourself, these pieces imbue each moment you wear them with a calm sweetness.

- dance
"Birds dance through the air, as if in celebration" This ring features a light openwork look, like layered figures of birds embroidered in lace. Each bird has a semi-glossy finish, giving this piece a soft glow, with an airy feel allows it to blend seamlessly into your daily life. Available in two variations: a plain type, or with diamonds, in which the birds appear to hold melee diamonds like a small fruit in their beaks.

diamond size : melee φ approx.1.2mm × 7pcs (Ring sizes 1 to 4.5 include 6pcs.)
ring width : approx. 5.0mm ~ 10.3mm

This ring is available in the following materials: Pt900 (platinum), K18YG (yellow gold), K18WG (white gold), or K18PG (pink gold).

*This ring will be made to order after receiving your order (delivery time: about 9 weeks). Please indicate your desired size.*In addition to Ryui's complimentary white case, a fabric ring case option in collaboration with minä perhonen is available.If desired, please select from the Options menu when placing your order.

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