Fire agate necklace

A one-of-a-kind necklace featuring a rare "Fire Agate" with a beautiful expression like a burning rainbow within. Agates can be found all over the world in various colors, but high-quality fire agates with vivid colors originate only in certain areas. The stone we have carefully selected for this piece shows breathtaking iridescence (an optical phenomenon in which minerals shine in the colors of the rainbow) interwoven within the deep brown mother stone, changing its expression with each angle. The iridescence sparkles three-dimensionally in this small piece with a casual individuality, framed in a classic 18K gold setting. The matte texture of the ring, which looks simple at first glance, is made of countless delicate lines woven together. The ultra-fine lines, about the width of a single hair, spread softly and radially like the light emitted from a jewel, further enhancing the brilliance of the stone. Inspired by the beauty of nature and imaginatively united with delicate handiwork, this necklace exudes joy with an air of dignified elegance.

【 Ryui Monthly piece 】 
Gemstones shaped by time and chance No two are the same Our designers carefully select a "fragment" of nature every month Sharing with you the design and production process until it becomes jewelry —a special collection.

material: K18 , Fire agate
stone size:approx. 1.23ct 
top size:approx. H10.4mm × W9.0mm × D4.2mm
length : approx. 40cm


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