Leaf ring + gray diamond

A one-of-a-kind ring featuring the clear calm presence of a gray diamond with high clarity and a strong sparkle. The light gray diamond possesses the opulent sparkle unique to diamonds, graced with an elegant blue tint, creating a mood of sophisticated serenity. Inspired by the appearance of natural flower petals that subtly change color toward the center of the flower, using clear melee diamonds this piece suggests a flower delicately transitioning to gray in its center. The shank that gently wraps the finger resembles two large leaves, with hand-carved leaf veins expressing an organic rhythm. The delicate matte-textured finish recalls the smooth texture of fresh green leaves. The main vein running through the center of each leaf motif features melee diamonds as small as 1.0mm, creating a sparkling line like a ray of sunlight catching the morning dew. The wide shank has been carefully made to feel thin and light, so the wearer feels a lightness and comfort. Inspired by the beauty of nature, the design exudes a contemporary beauty.

※ A certificate of authenticity is included for the gray diamond.

【 Ryui Monthly piece 】  Gemstones shaped by time and chance No two are the same Our designers carefully select a "fragment" of nature every month Sharing with you the design and production process until it becomes jewelry —a special collection.

material:Pt900 , diamond (Color:LIGHT GRAY / Clarity:VVS-2 )
stone size:approx. 0.168ct ( melee diamond approx. 0.26ct )
top size:approx. H10.0mm × W10.0mm
ring width:approx. 1.8mm
ring size:13


*This ring can be resized within ±3 sizes from the stock size (delivery time: about 4 weeks). Please select "Resize from stock size"Please fill in your desired size in the option form and proceed to purchase.

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