Growth lines sapphire ring

Sapphire is commonly thought of as a blue transparent gemstone, but in reality, it comes in a wide variety of colors and degrees of transparency. Beloved for thousands of years, it is the second-hardest precious stone after diamond. The sapphires we have carefully selected for this piece are two stones characterized by lines of hexagonal crystals formed over a long period of time, called "growth lines," with a delicate and silky luster. Depending on the light source, a faint star-like glow called the asterism effect appears, giving the stones a sense of depth. The ring is bi-colored with 18K gold and platinum, with a simple matte-textured bezel setting that accentuates the charm of the sapphire. The back of the setting has been carefully designed for a light feel that balances form and comfort. The crystalline "growth lines" give this piece a quiet beauty and an understated individuality. An enchanting sapphire ring that invites you to witness the grand flow of time within the natural world.

【 Ryui Monthly piece 】 
Gemstones shaped by time and chance No two are the same Our designers carefully select a "fragment" of nature every month Sharing with you the design and production process until it becomes jewelry —a special collection.

material : K18 , Pt900 , sapphire
stone size:approx. 8.403ct
ring size : 13

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