Coat bangle + goethite in quartz

A one-of-a-kind bangle featuring goethite in quartz. Trapped within the transparent quartz are needle-like pinkish-brown goethite minerals, giving this gemstone a painterly atmosphere. The fiber-like inclusions layered within the quartz create alternating transparent and opaque areas, resulting in a unique sense of depth. To accentuate the bold charm of the piece, the setting and shank are finished with a highly touchable uneven matte texture, in harmony with the stone and its gentle form. A meticulously detailed piece, the underside of the setting has a slightly arched surface that reduces the amount of direct contact when worn, making it comfortable to wear, and appear to float lightly on the wrist when viewed from the side. A statement piece for your everyday outfits.

material : Silver , goethite in quartz
top size : approx. H 21mm × W 19mm
bangle size : approx. 120mm(inside length) × approx. 30mm (opening diameter)
bangle width : approx. 3.3mm


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