Montana agate ring

Beloved since ancient times as a talisman, agate is produced all over the world, and its colors and patterns differ depending on the area. Montana agate is characterized by its rhythmical pattern that looks like smeared dots of ink, giving it depth like an abstract painting, and is regarded as a rare and high-quality stone due to its beauty. This piece is filled with the charm of a quintessential Montana agate, with black and brown patterns rhythmically appearing like a painting spread on a milky white canvas, with the contrast that changes with each layer giving it a sense of depth. The ring is designed with a matte-based shank, with a glossy line engraved in its center, giving this piece a delicate and sharp impression. The unusual triangle cut ensures this statement piece won't go unnoticed with your outfit.

【 Ryui Monthly piece 】 
Gemstones shaped by time and chance No two are the same Our designers carefully select a "fragment" of nature every month Sharing with you the design and production process until it becomes jewelry —a special collection.

material: K18, montana agate
top size:approx. H10.6mm × W11.4mm × D5mm
ring width:approx. 2mm
ring size:10号

*This ring can be resized within ±3 sizes from the stock size (delivery time: about 4 weeks). Please add the ring in the size closest to your desired size to the shopping cart and proceed to purchase. Please fill in your desired size in the remarks form at the bottom of the shopping cart page.


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