Raindrop akoya twins pearl long necklace

Resembling a snowman, under the 18K gold "hat" is a twin pearl, unexpectedly born within the oyster during the process of pearl creation. The long, sharp gold cone has been given a matte texture and a seamless connection with the shape of the pearl. The white-base Akoya pearls have such a strong luster that they reflect the surrounding scenery, each with a slightly different shape. These pearls show a slight gold color at the tip that gradually fades to a gentle white. True to its name, this one-of-a-kind long necklace with a gentle atmosphere brings to mind the quiet dignity of falling raindrops.

material : K18, akoya pearl
pearl size : approx. 13.5mm × W7mm
top size : approx. H35mm × W7mm
length : approx. 60cm 


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