Pink fire in quartz necklace

A necklace featuring pink fire quartz, characterized by minute mineral flakes called covellite, appearing like grains of sand floating inside the crystal, that at certain angles, reflect light in a sudden magenta-pink flash like fireworks. A rare and valuable natural gemstone, since production is extremely limited and raw stones are difficult to obtain. By designing the necklace so the rounded drop shape hangs horizontally, the stone stands out with a subtle uniqueness, its sharpness softened. The delicate, vivid contrast in color that appears unexpectedly with each movement invites feelings of surprise and elation, making this a special piece to delight the wearer.

material : Pt900 , Pink fire in quartz
stone size : approx. 0.79ct

top size : approx. H9.0mm × W8.4mm × D4.3mm
length : approx. 40cm(adjuster 37cm)


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