White diamond ring + blue sapphires

A gold ring featuring a white-colored diamond framed by 23 melee sapphires and finely handcrafted milgrain work. Among diamonds—which come in a wide variety of colors other than clear and colorless—beautiful milky white diamonds are extremely rare and valuable, with a gentle beauty that has made them popular around the world. This carefully-designed piece is adorned with an ice-colored, gently curved oval diamond, accented with sapphires in a soothing deep navy blue. The combination of 18K yellow gold and platinum in the deceptively simple shank creates a sense of tension in the design. The gorgeous sparkle of the diamond and the chic impression of the sapphires together give this statement piece a bold presence.

material : K18 , Pt900 , diamond , sapphire
stone size : approx. 0.59ct(melee sapphire 0.14ct)
top size : approx. H9.5mm × W8.0mm × D4.1mm
ring width : approx. 1.7mm
ring size : 12


*This ring can be resized within ±3 sizes from the stock size (delivery time: about 4 weeks). Please select "Resize from stock size" Please fill in your desired size in the option form and proceed to purchase.

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