Oct ring + oregon sunstone

A one-of-a-kind ring featuring a vividly sparkling Oregon Sunstone surrounded by melee diamonds. This Oregon Sunstone, one of the rarest sunstones, shows an enchanting mixture of contrasting colors of deep blue-green and orange, harmonized with a mysterious glow. This particular stone features an unusual concave cut, which cuts the pavilion part into a conical shape. A cut that shaves off the rough stone more boldly than a typical faceted cut, this rare Oregon Sunstone of the highest quality appears the more luxurious, with the sharp glitter unique to concave cuts that draws the viewer in to gaze into its depths. A stone that radiates a mesmerizing beauty from deep within. The design of the shank clasping the Oregon Sunstone is inspired by the shape of an octopus, said to bring good luck. This piece graces the finger with a special, high-quality sparkle that changes with each movement, with a unique meaning hidden within.

material:Pt900 , Sunstone , diamond
stone size:approx. 2.72ct ( melee diamond approx.0.17ct )
top size:approx. H10.0mm × W14.3mm × D5.5mm
ring width:approx. 4.1mm
ring size:14


*This ring can be resized within ±3 sizes from the stock size (delivery time: about 4 weeks). Please select "Resize from stock size"Please fill in your desired size in the option form and proceed to purchase.

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