Calcite in quartz ring

A one-of-a-kind ring featuring a luxuriously dewy cabochon calcite-in-quartz stone. The quartz encloses the mineral calcite, appearing to float calmly in clear water. Gently enveloping the crystal-clear plump quartz, the setting has a smooth curved form, reminiscent of the swollen bud of a peony filled with morning dew. The yellow gold accents inserted into the left and right sides of the platinum setting are decorated with numerous hand-carved lines and tiny milgrain work, radiating outward like rays of light. This stone's fresh, glossily cool shine and oval shape lends a sense of neatness to the hand.  

【 Ryui Monthly piece 】  Gemstones shaped by time and chance No two are the same Our designers carefully select a "fragment" of nature every month Sharing with you the design and production process until it becomes jewelry —a special collection.

material:Pt900 , K18YG ,Calcite in quartz  
stone size:approx. 11.55ct
top size:approx. H17.4mm × W14.6mm
ring width:approx. 2.0mm
ring size:14


*This ring can be resized within ±3 sizes from the stock size (delivery time: about 4 weeks). Please select "Resize from stock size"Please fill in your desired size in the option form and proceed to purchase.  

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