Red coral earrings (M)

Coral is neither a mineral nor a plant, but a creature that belongs to the phylum Cnidaria, class Anthozoa, and as a gemstone is said to have been brought to Japan along with Buddhism via the Silk Road around the 7th and 8th centuries. Types of coral gemstones differ according to their origin and color, but among them, the deep red-colored coral featured in these earrings is called "blood red coral", valued since ancient times due to its beauty and rarity. To bring out the charm of such coral, the piece has been given a plain impression from the top, though the sides feature a delicate hand-carved pattern, for a deceptively simple design with fine attention to detail. The red color of the rare Japanese red coral make these earrings a statement piece to gorgeously frame your face as the focal point of your outfit.

material : K18 , Red coral
top size : approx. H 8mm × W 7mm


*Since this product uses materials with limited availability, orders will be closed when the materials have sold out.

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