Syami ring + diamond ( line )

The Syami series was inspired by the shape of the body of the shamisen. We thought the beautiful and soft square shape of the traditional musical instrument passed down from ancient times would be the most natural form that fits the non-circular cross-section of human fingers. The thickness and angle of the round, smooth-finished interior of the ring has been carefully designed, allowing for a fit more comfortable than its square appearance may suggest. The eye-catching brilliance of melee diamonds embedded in the center of the ring give this piece a glamorous touch.

- Syami -
Staring at the base of my finger, I realize its cross-section is a square shape. Watching a shamisen performance, I recall the square shape of my finger.

material : K18 , diamond
ring size : approx. 12 , 15 ( Resizing not available )

*If your desired size is not available, we can make it to your specifications as a custom order (delivery time: about 5 weeks). Please select "Order a specific size", enter your desired size in the form, and proceed with the purchase.

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