Unknown knowns earrings "M" + diamond / K18

"If you stop and look, the important things are always there -" hook earrings from the 2023 collection "Unknown knowns" series. Clear or colored diamonds are set at the end of the asymmetrical 18K gold earrings in which the accumulation of time and life experience is expressed as multilayered grooves, embodying the concept of its multifaceted view. The line of six melee diamonds sparkles delicately—clear diamonds are purely gorgeous, light brown diamonds have a natural but classy feel, while black diamonds give the piece a unique, chic impression. By taking advantage of the length of the earrings and intentionally lowering the center of gravity, the earrings sway like the pendulum of a clock for eye-catching movement. Add a dignified uniqueness to your everyday outfit with this piece.
(*Please choose one of three types of diamonds for this piece: clear diamonds, brown diamonds, or black diamonds.)

2 photo: from the left 「 Light brown diamond 」「 Black diamond 」

material:K18YG , diamond(12 stones) 
top size : approx. H37.4mm × W9.5mm

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