Unknown knowns ring + paraiba tourmaline / K18

"If you stop and look, the important things are always there -" a ring from the 2023 collection "Unknown knowns" series. Paraiba tourmalines are set in the center of the asymmetrical 18K gold ring, in which the accumulation of time and life experience is expressed as multilayered grooves, embodying the concept of its multifaceted view. Paraiba tourmaline is a kind of tourmaline found only in the state of Paraiba, Brazil, and is considered one of "the world's three most rare stones" because it will not be mined any longer in the near future. It has enjoyed popularity as a beautiful and highly valuable gemstone in recent years. The vivid neon blue color of the line of six Paraiba tourmaline gemstones sparkles delicately, giving this piece personality and a classy impression.


material:K18YG , paraiba tourmaline(6 stones) 
ring width:approx. 1.7mm

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